Our Price

Permanent Makeup

Initial Session
Powder Look 300
Microblading 300
3D Microblading (Ultra Realistic) 450
Top 250
Bottom 200
Liner 250
Full Lip 500

5% Off When Paid with Cash !!

Lashes Price List

New Set Classic Russian Volume Mix (Volume + Classic)
Natural Set (120 Pieces) 130 200 170
Full Set (160 Pieces) 150 250 210
Extra Full Set (200 Pieces) 180 300 260

Facial Price List

Classic Facial ($70)

(Cleaning, Exfoliating, Message) + Face mask matched with your skin type!

Aqua Facial ($100)

(Peels and dissolves dead skin cells) + Gives Glow and Dewy skin

Cryotherapy Facial ($90)

(Recommended for Freckles, Pigmentation, Winkles, Acne and Lifting) + Has Cooling and Whitening effect!

Radio Frequency ($100)

(Tightens & Comforts) (No Pain while Collagen Production is stimulated by the heat.)

Laser Whitening Facial (1 Time=$120)

Tightens, Whitens and Softens Skin *Best results when treated 10 Times*

Back Facial ($80)

Improve the health of the skin while providing a deep moisturizing treatment.

Advanced Anti-Aging ($140)

(Tightens and Firms) + (Reduces Wrinkles Tightens Skin and Gives Skin ability to Restore and Heal)

*Most Popular*
Micro Needling ($250)

(Softens Skin Texture and Tone) + (Skin Regenerates & Skin Cell Healing)

*Moles, Fine Wrinkles and other Imperfections could be erased*

5% Off When Paid with Cash !!

10% Off for Membership Holder !

Annual Fee for Membership is $50

15% Off paid with cash only for membership holder

*Membership fees are priced at $50 annually